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FR V-Line for Facial & Body Sculpting 

Better defined jaw line and Body sculptor 

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Redefined Your Facial Contour 

Facial sculpting or contouring is a technique that gives the patient an oval- or V-shape face that is slimmer in profile. A common and popular facial slimming treatment among Asians, the slimming of the facial features gives the individual a more youthful look, while the skin will appear rejuvenated and healthier.


  • A square-shaped jawline

  • Chubby cheeks

  • Cheeks to appear “smaller”


FR V-Line expedites lymph circulation and shrink the excess fat cells in the area by giving the effect of face lifting on cheeks and double chin. It also helps to refresh your overall appearance, giving you a more youthful-looking face that shaves years off your actual age by promoting cell regeneration and leave skin smooth and elastic.


The treatment is also suitable for individuals who do not want to opt for surgical methods. It consists of a few simple mesotherapy to the selected areas without any discomfort or pain. Improvements will start to show after 3-5 days, and your skin will appear smoother as the new oval- or V-shape begins to form.

Is the treatment painful?

The majority of patients experience minimal discomfort with mesotherapy.

How many treatments are required before I see results?

All patients are different, and require special evaluation and it depends on the patient's body. Some patients see results after one treatment session while others may require three to four treatments to begin to see results. We recommend at least 3 sessions for satisfying results.

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