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Antioxidant | Gluta C+ 

Antioxidant and detoxification

Rediscover Your Well Being



Free radicals exist in our body when metabolic pathways that occur in our body to produce energy. However, it also induces oxidative stress that can damage cell function which accelerate aging process. Free radicals are produced by both external factors (environmental pollution) and internal factor (immune defence and metabolism).





Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. However, it can be depleted by laerge amount of toxins or drugs passing through the liver. Gluta C+ detoxification treatment will help to remove free radical and boost immune system to defence against invasion by bacteria and harmful pathogens. This treatment will also slow down aging process and set skin glow and improve skin radiance.

How many treatments will I need?


Results from Gluta C+ treatment can be lasting. This regenerative treatment help your cells to regrow and renew, thus a new life cycle for new cell is created. This delays the overall aging process. Your new skin cells provides you a younger and better skin and face which will last as long as you maintain it well.

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