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D-tox | Gluta-AA 

Skin Booster Solution

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Restore the Skin Youthness

Restore skin texture quality and improve skin tissue and pore refinement. Hydrates dry skin and helps it to maintain its optimum moisture balance.



Acne occurs when the pores in the skin, connected via follicles acting as passageways, get blocked by a build-up of sebum. This is because a natural liquid called sebum helps to eliminate dead skin cells by bringing them through the follicles to the surface of your skin; when this passage gets blocked, pimples begin to form.

Poor lifestyle habits that leads to slow down cell-regeneration and premature aging – stay up late, smoking, alcohol drinking and stressful lifestyle ; can damage cell function which accelerate acne and aging process.



This treatment helps to remove various free radicals, protect and repair cellular damage by providing glutathione and amino acid to nourish the skin and maintain oxidant process of the skin. Amino acids are an essential building block of protein, which is second most abundant substance in your body. This procedure will strengthen connective tissue and keeps the skin smooth and elastic.

How many treatments will I need?


Results from Gluta-AA treatment can be lasting. This regenerative treatment help your cells to regrow and renew, thus a new life cycle for new cell is created. This delays the overall aging process. Your new skin cells provides you a younger and better skin and face which will last as long as you maintain it well.

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